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Our Story 

Walking Alongside Our Clients Since 1998 

The Founding of Legacy Consulting, LLC

Megan Avery built Legacy Consulting LLC from the ground up. Years ago, she had to forge a path to support herself and her family as a single mother. Between navigating her financial life and caring for her son, Megan built up her industry knowledge while also gaining dynamic experience in the field. Eventually, she created her own firm to help individuals and families improve their results and find the financial security they deserve. Today, the entire team brings deep-rooted principles of integrity, care and hard work to every valued client. 

“It’s not what you make. It’s what you keep.”

A Word From Megan Avery, Founder

Our Mission

Have you ever met someone who wished they were paying more in taxes? Of course not! As a small business owner, I understand this very intimately. Mutiny must run deep in my veins.

I’ve been able to trace my ancestry back to the revolution, where my patriot was the commissioner of paper currency. I am a vetted member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. I have come to the conclusion that being anti-tax and interested in economics is something that has been bred into me.

With the ever-changing rules and regulations, it is now more important than ever to make sure you have the proper tax planning in place. Some taxes are avoidable—so it’s my job to help my clients keep more of what they’ve earned.

“If he can do it with one hand, certainly I can do it with two.” 

Our Roots

When people ask me where my “can do” attitude comes from, I must pay homage to my grandfather, Gordon Power—one of the most influential men in my life. He was an estate planning and tax attorney who graduated from Duke University. He had a very full life riddled with accomplishments.

My grandfather was an Eagle Scout and raised five children. He built three homes and countless barns. What made this 6-foot-4 giant of a man so remarkable to a child, however, was the fact that he accomplished this all with one arm.

You see, when my grandfather was just a boy, he fell out of a tree and compound fractured his arm. Having contracted Gangrene in a time when penicillin was not available, they had to amputate his arm three times, leaving him with nothing but a nub for a left arm—but he never let it slow him down.

When it came time for me to learn how to tie my shoes, he was my teacher. I remember thinking to myself, “If he can do it with one hand, certainly I can do it with two.” 

Getting to Know You & Your Story

Is What We’re All About

With an earnest ear ready to listen, understanding who you are and where you’ve been is how we help you get to where you want to be. Over the years, we’ve built countless meaningful relationships based on trust and authenticity, and we look forward to fostering many more. 

What’s Your Story? 

We’d Love to Get to Know You

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